150 Apokalipsis Wasteland
Apokalipsis Wasteland Download Free!

Apokalipsis Wasteland

The apocalypse came unexpectedly. A simple explosion of a small plane would not surprise anyone. Only the plane carrying the terrible virus fell for a reason. He was shot down by unknown persons and the infection began. Now the world is inhabited by zombies.
151 Kill The Creature
Kill The Creature Download Free!

Kill The Creature

Scientists have disappeared in the desert, you have been ordered to examine the squares where the connection with them was lost! Find out what happened. If there is a threat, eliminate it by all means, at any cost!
152 Death Of Desert
Death Of Desert Download Free!

Death Of Desert

And they felt that it was not necessary to agree to this operation. It's just that they don't pay big money for the protection of some scientists. That here in the desert these scientists have dug up only now the monsters of the deep seas and your comrades infected with them want to kill you. And now you have to use every effort to survive.
153 Reptiloids Assault
Reptiloids Assault Download Free!

Reptiloids Assault

Reptiloids Assault is a hardcore horror shooter in which you have to test your nerves. Terrible creatures live in the old sewers and are ready to break out to the surface. The player needs to restrain them as long as possible by any means. A large selection of weapons will help with this. Destroy the creatures hiding in the darkness.
154 Iron Souls
Iron Souls Download Free!

Iron Souls

Having discovered a system with planets, you decide to explore the planets. There may be water on one of the planets. You are going to this planet with a small trooper. Upon arrival on the planet, it becomes clear that there is water and vegetation here and it is suitable for life. But as soon as the local sun went down the horizon, huge monsters appeared. Now you need to fend off the local inhabitants and deliver water supplies to the ship.
155 Nethercurse
Nethercurse Download Free!


A drunken magician poured a magic elixir into the cemetery. After that, the dead began to rise from the graves. To correct his mistake, he decided to hire an experienced warrior to repose the souls of the dead. Upon arrival at the place, it becomes clear that there are a lot of monsters here and you will have to make an effort to fulfill the order.
156 Rippers Fog 2
Rippers Fog 2 Download Free!

Rippers Fog 2

The red fog has not cleared for many months. There are no more uninfected people in this once crowded village. Those who were not killed or turned into mutants by the virus were destroyed by the rippers. Mutant people are now the most dangerous for you. Kill the rippers and good luck.
157 Rippers Fog
Rippers Fog Download Free!

Rippers Fog

A red mist covered the deserted city. The fog turned out to be very dangerous. People on the street died immediately. The rest began to mutate and turn into bloodthirsty monsters. Only a few people were immune. You are in luck and now you need to destroy these monsters.
158 Ethereal Hazard
Ethereal Hazard Download Free!

Ethereal Hazard

A mysterious obelisk was found on one of the asteroids. A special ship was created that will take him to Earth. Upon arrival on Earth, he was placed in a secret research base. This obelisk turned out to be an alien artifact that creates hostile xenomorphs around itself. You were sent to disable this obelisk and save the planet from the invasion of xenomorphs.
159 Dark Vessel
Dark Vessel Download Free!

Dark Vessel

There has been no news from the dwarven settlement for a long time. Your city has traded with this underground kingdom for centuries. But lately, no goods have been received from the dwarves. You decided to find out what happened. Having found a secret passage to the kingdom, you found that all the dwarves are dead, and the underground kingdom is inhabited by vile monsters. Now you need to get out of this place and tell about the fact that the kingdom of the dwarves has been invaded by monsters.
161 Last Zombie
Last Zombie Download Free!

Last Zombie

After the spread of a dangerous virus, the city was divided into sectors and closed. The virus began to kill people turning them into zombies. To find a cure for the virus, you need to find the first infected. But for this you need to kill as many zombies as possible. Kill all zombies.
162 Creatures In The Dark 2
Creatures In The Dark 2 Download Free!

Creatures In The Dark 2

An urgent need to find out what happened to the scientists in the caves. They have not been in touch for 4 days. You are a soldier on a mission to find out what happened there!
163 Sleeping Horror
Sleeping Horror Download Free!

Sleeping Horror

A large moon appeared from behind a cloud. A dull light covered the old oil storage. Here only the wind has been blowing for the last ten years. But now something has changed. And it was evil revived.
164 Old Way
Old Way Download Free!

Old Way

The secret base of a long time great empire, from the remains of poisonous substances in rusty tanks, was long abandoned. Only a group of soldiers left to guard was still keeping order here. However, nothing lasts forever and the rotten tanks leaked. The cloudy liquid from the cracks quickly evaporated, poisoning everything around. The people nearby were covered with terrible bubbles. Only you who were in the building were lucky. Now, having put on protection, you have to destroy all charged.
165 Ruins Of Shadows
Ruins Of Shadows Download Free!

Ruins Of Shadows

Ruins of Shadows is a shooter in which the player will have to fight an ancient evil. According to legend, terrible demons live in this place. They pose a danger to everyone around. So you have to deal with this problem. The player has a lot of weapons to choose from, so it'll be fun!
166 Laboratory Of Morbid
Laboratory Of Morbid Download Free!

Laboratory Of Morbid

Laboratory Of Morbid is a horror shooter. You were sent to check what is happening in the abandoned laboratory, but going down to the basement, you realize that now your goal is to survive, since experiments were carried out in the abandoned room, and the monsters who were doing this are still alive!
167 Fear In The Bunker
Fear In The Bunker Download Free!

Fear In The Bunker

The commander sent the detachment to bunker AA7193 to request help, the detachment stopped communicating after the first hour. More than 3 detachments have already been sent, but all to no avail! And now it's the turn of the super soldier! You need to find out and understand this situation!
168 Ripper Wasteland
Ripper Wasteland Download Free!

Ripper Wasteland

A month ago, the former well-armed base was empty. Having made their way to the base and carelessly collecting weapons and ammunition, they suddenly heard a terrible sound. Quickly grabbing the weapon, he decided to leave the base. But now the gate is closed and the base is full of monsters. It's good that you have a lot of weapons.
169 Dark Side Of War
Dark Side Of War Download Free!

Dark Side Of War

Dark Side of War is a classic 3D hardcore shooter in which you fight as a lone soldier behind enemy lines. 1942 year. The height of the Second World War. In the role of a lone soldier, go to the very rear of the enemy. Just you and your soldier skills. Your goal is to clear one of the enemy bases and, if possible, stay alive. Look for ammunition, kill enemies, make the right decisions and then you will surely be able to win this war! Be careful and remember that you only have one life to complete your mission. It is this factor that distinguishes this game from all others. Forward to victory!
170 Gold Dust
Gold Dust Download Free!

Gold Dust

Gold Dust is a hardcore adventure inspired by games from the 90s. Everything looks like in 90s shooters, but with one exception - mostly you will fight with swords with different kinds of wickedness! You are an unnamed hero who has heard about a secret artifact called "Gold Dust". Its power is great and no one can even imagine what its owner will be capable of. Rumor has it that it will allow you to become a being like God. But is it? You will be able to find out after going through this not an easy adventure. Fight evil spirits, look for ammunition, explore new locations, use your magical abilities and you can be sure that this game will give you an unforgettable experience.
PSIONIC Download Free!


PSIONIC is an unusual 3D shooter about a psychiatric hospital with hardcore elements in which your main task is to survive and get out of this horror. You are the only surviving scientist in a secret laboratory. During an unknown experiment, all people turned into animals who want to kill all living things. They are insane and thirsty for blood. One of your main tasks in this game is to collect everything that gets in your way, namely: first aid kits, ammunition, weapons, and more. But do not think that everything will be very simple, a large number of various enemies will certainly not let you get bored. Kill everyone, or they will kill you. How strong are your instincts to survive? Find out now.
172 Planet Station
Planet Station Download Free!

Planet Station

Planet Station is a classic Sci-Fi 3D action shooter in which you play as former Sheriff Margaret, whose main mission is to survive. By the will of fate, Margaret was forced to go to another planet, but she could not even imagine how it would all end ... During a long flight, her spacecraft crashed and fell on a deserted planet forgotten by all. When she woke up, she realized that there were no survivors besides her, and now she would have to seek help on her own and get out of this black hole. Your main mission in this game is to search for certain items that will help you survive and get out of this planet. Do not think that everything will be too easy, on your way you will meet various types of monsters, who care only about one thing - your death. Look for weapons and ammunition, first aid kits and various notes that will help you find a way out and in the end you will succeed. And remember, if you don't kill, they will kill you. Good luck in battle!
173 White Storm 2
White Storm 2 Download Free!

White Storm 2

Much time has passed, but the White Storm has not abated. After checking all the weapons once more, you followed the enemies. New monsters came out from behind the old tank. They felt you. You can't hide in one place. Take your weapon and shoot.
174 White Storm
White Storm Download Free!

White Storm

A white storm covered the old vault. Taking a weapon and deciding to check everything again, you left the house. Suddenly, from behind the old barrels there was a heartbreaking cry. The terrible person who ran out of there looked like a monster. His entire body was covered with bloody boils. He quickly ran towards you. Now only weapons will save lives.
175 Ominous Blood
Ominous Blood Download Free!

Ominous Blood

The bloody mist slowly descended to the ground. For many years working as a security guard for old garages, this has not yet been identified. Suddenly, from behind the old cars, a heartbreaking scream was heard and a terrible person appeared from there. His entire body was covered with bloody boils. He quickly lunged at you. Now only weapons will save lives.
176 Dark Alien City 2
Dark Alien City 2 Download Free!

Dark Alien City 2

The alien planet, which seemed welcoming, presented a surprise. This Earth-like planet smelled of malice. These strangers do not like the fact that uninvited guests have arrived. You have to kill aliens otherwise you will not survive. Look for weapons and ammunition. They will be useful to you.
177 Otherbase
Otherbase Download Free!


the military conducted an experiment to teleport objects. But during the experiment, a failure occurred and a portal to an unknown world was opened. A group of researchers was sent to him, but the connection with them was cut off. After a while, demons began to move from the portal to our world, the entire base turned into hell. Its entire territory is completely surrounded by the military. You are sent there in order to scout the situation.
178 Undead Crown
Undead Crown Download Free!

Undead Crown

The world is full of zombies. The old base became a refuge for the survivors. Now it is a new home for people from the immediate vicinity. The base is impregnable and well protected from all sides. But even she could not withstand the attacks of the zombies that broke through on her through the portals. You need to recapture the base and protect civilians. Weapons are scattered around the base to help you defend.
179 Creatures In The Dark
Creatures In The Dark Download Free!

Creatures In The Dark

In search of the missing soldiers, I stumbled upon caves, the entrance to the cave was from above, I went down there and heard a cry for help and ran there! The communication stopped working to contact the foot and I had to confront the incomprehensible creatures alone!
180 Magic Arena
Magic Arena Download Free!

Magic Arena

Having decided to rob an ancient temple on an abandoned planet, where robbers have disappeared for many years, you have prepared perfectly. The best weapons and magic amulets were bought for very big money. From the outside, the temple seemed empty. Only when you entered the temple, where you felt fear and death, did you see many portals, from which crowds of monsters rushed at you. Now only hope for your experience, weapons and magic.
181 Slipdog
Slipdog Download Free!


Old buildings hide many secrets. Many years ago, experiments were carried out on the territory of this base to modify people. There are servants that the poor fellows on whom the experiments were carried out are still inside. Exploring the area, you found the entrance to the bunker. After opening the doors, crowds of mutants rushed out of the darkness. We need to escape from these monsters and leave this damned place. Don't let the monsters drive you into a corner.
182 Targetbase
Targetbase Download Free!


A human colony was founded on one of the moons of Saturn. For the purpose of geological exploration of the satellite, a tunnel was drilled into the bowels of the satellite. But it turned out that representatives of the local fauna were hiding under the ice. Crowds of terrible monsters climbed to the surface. They have filled your entire base. Even scientists will have to take up arms in order to drive away these alien monsters.
183 Top Down Zombie
Top Down Zombie Download Free!

Top Down Zombie

TopDown Zombie is a top-down shooter in which the player must face hordes of zombies! Collect first aid kits to last as long as possible and set the biggest record. Will you be able to survive this brutal battle?
184 Outcast Kingdom
Outcast Kingdom Download Free!

Outcast Kingdom

The kingdom is in decline, a magical fog covered cities and villages. The walking dead began to appear from the fog, destroying all living things. Many people flee to remote areas to survive. The government decided to raise an army to protect people from the dead. You, together with the army, went to the old ruined city to give battle to the monsters. Kill all monsters and save the kingdom from monsters.
185 Monsterpost
Monsterpost Download Free!


After a new virus hit humanity, dark times came. Most of the population was turned into bloodthirsty monsters. All attempts to find a vaccine have been unsuccessful. The surviving people have already come to terms with their death, but a new monster was found, whose blood could heal this disease and save the remaining people. You are sent to search for this rare monster. You arrived in the destroyed city, where you saw it, but it turned out that this city is teeming with hordes of monsters. You need to kill all the monsters so that no one interferes with your search.
186 JCS Just Cool Shooter
JCS Just Cool Shooter Download Free!

JCS Just Cool Shooter

First-person shooter including 5 levels with metal music.
187 Abandoned Metal
Abandoned Metal Download Free!

Abandoned Metal

The old metal processing factory is full of secrets. In search of money, you decide to research it. But stepping into its territory, you understand that someone already lives here. Indeed, after a few hours you felt that you were being followed. As soon as the sun went down completely, crowds of terrible mutants that live here crawled to the surface.
188 Goblins Attack
Goblins Attack Download Free!

Goblins Attack

The village has long been terrorized by goblins. Their camp is nearby. All the daredevils who dared to fight the goblins were killed. You and a small detachment were sent from the capital to help the village. Arriving in the village, you decided to set up camp to rest, but the village was attacked. Now you have to fight these green-skinned monsters. Show all the power of the royal guard and protect the villagers from the goblins.
189 Dark Layer Shadows
Dark Layer Shadows Download Free!

Dark Layer Shadows

Dark Layer Shadows is a survival shooter. The player will have to explore tunnels with unusual origins. Terrible creatures with glowing eyes lurk in these labyrinths, but they can be destroyed! A large ammunition load will help with this, choose a more suitable weapon and go into battle!
190 Rock Desert Battle
Rock Desert Battle Download Free!

Rock Desert Battle

Rock Desert Battle is a shooter in which the player will have to fight an ancient evil. According to legend, sand demons live in this place. They pose a danger to everyone around. So you have to deal with this problem. The player has a lot of weapons to choose from, so it'll be fun!
191 Operation X
Operation X Download Free!

Operation X

Hello, how are you today? I'm sure great! In OperationX you have to find a way out of the labyrinth while enemies will try to kill you. The game will suit fans of shooters.
192 Arcane Nightmares
Arcane Nightmares Download Free!

Arcane Nightmares

The black magician put a curse on the local cemetery. All who were buried were resurrected and became zombies. Locals raised money to hire an inquisitor. You need to clear the cemetery from monsters and filth so that the locals can sleep peacefully. You have a choice of several types of weapons that you can acquire by killing zombies and earning points.
193 Fallen Escape
Fallen Escape Download Free!

Fallen Escape

A new base on Mars was attacked. The hostile race decided to destroy the base. You were sent as part of the Space Marines to protect this base from attack. Upon arrival, you find that it is teeming with mutants, which were created specifically for the war with humans. You need to clear the base from enemies and return the base under your control.
194 Half Space
Half Space Download Free!

Half Space

People have finally met intelligent life on another planet. But these creatures turned out to be not at all friendly, as soon as the first contact happened, the ship of people was destroyed. A fleet of ships is heading for Earth, and you must defend your base at all costs. As soon as the ships reached orbit, capsules with a landing force fell to Earth. Humanity first encountered such an enemy and you need to be as careful as possible, since practically nothing is known about the enemy. Kill all the xenomorphs and defend the base from the attack.
195 Bulletsmash
Bulletsmash Download Free!


The planet has long been empty. The zombie virus has killed most of the people on the planet. All cities have turned into ruins, embroidered people unite in small groups and live in constant danger, moving from place to place in search of resources and shelter. Having found the ruins of the city, you decide to look for supplies and food in it, but as it turned out, it is teeming with mutants. You need to kill all the monsters and find the resources necessary for the survival of your group. Various weapons are scattered around the city that will help you in the fight against monsters.
196 Desolate Combat
Desolate Combat Download Free!

Desolate Combat

A squad of alien invaders have taken over a vital weapons factory. You and a small assault squad are sent into battle to regain control of the plant. But the enemy is very strong and outnumbers you. You need to show great courage and combat skills in order to defeat the alien invaders. The success of the war depends on you, this plant produces modern weapons that can cope with any armor.
197 Highwarrior
Highwarrior Download Free!


You have been walking for several days without passes and are very tired. It is impossible to stop because the rainy season will begin soon and all roads will wash away. On the way there should be a settlement where you were going to rest and replenish supplies. But when you approach this settlement, you notice what is wrong. There is no noise and no lights are visible. Entering through the gate, you found that all the inhabitants were dead, and scavenger monsters were wielding their bodies. There is no way back, you need to replenish supplies, and for this you need to kill all the monsters.
198 Simple Shooter
Simple Shooter Download Free!

Simple Shooter

Simple Shooter is a simple top-down shooter. You play as a character in blue, you have a pistol in your hands. You need to defend against opponents in red, whose goal is to destroy you.
199 Dark Sword
Dark Sword Download Free!

Dark Sword

You have often heard the legends of the Dark Blade. The blade gives its owner great strength. With it, you can change the world. You get a map that allegedly depicts the place where this sword is located. After going into the depths of the ancient temple, you stumbled upon an old dungeon. This place has long been inhabited by various types of monsters. You need to fend off crowds of monsters in order to advance further.
200 Blood Melody
Blood Melody Download Free!

Blood Melody

The military airport was completely attacked. Due to its deletion, the connection with the base is only a few times a week. Having not received a signal for several weeks, the leadership decided to send a detachment of fighters for reconnaissance. Upon arrival at the site, a new type of demon was discovered that can summon infernal dogs. It is not easy to confront such enemies, but you have everything for this, including experienced fighters and modern weapons.

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