We provide developers the ability to earn on mobile applications for Android with advertising. About the other methods of earning with us and useful information you can read here.

To monetize your game through Google Play, you need:
If the game were created in Unity3d, you will need send the archive with the sources of the game to us. We add an advertising module in the game, compile it for Android and place in Play Market.
Note: you should not afraid of stealing source code, because anyone could decompile your game at any time, with Unity3d it isn't hard.
If the game created not in Unity3d, you anyway need to send us all of the source files, but in this case, the placement in Play Market may be delayed.

Terms of monetize:
- The game should have the full support of controls on mobile devices;
- Game interface must be configured for mobile devices;
- The game should be well optimized for mobile devices;
- The game should not violate the laws of the Russian Federation and the rules of placement in Google Play.

Terms of money withdraw:
Once a month to your account in the SoftFreeWay affiliate system will be added money earned by your application with substraction of our percent for our accommodation and support your application in Google Play (you get 75% of earnings).

Complete list of materials for your application placement in Google Play:
- A text file containing all information from the list below:
a) Application language (russian or english);
b) Application name (up to 30 characters);
c) Description of application (up to 1 000 symbols). The description should be as short as possible. Do not forget about literacy;
d) Application type (game/application);
e) Age restrictions.
- The source code of the application for addition of advertising module;
- At least two screenshots with a resolution of 320x480 / 480x800 / 480x854 / 1280x720 / 1280x800 (one of list) in PNG or JPG with no alpha channel and with 24-bit color;
- The application icon with a resolution of 512x512 in PNG or JPG with 32-bit color.
- The application icon with a resolution of 1024x512 in PNG or JPG with 24-bit color.

Archive with all materials you need send to manager@freegamia.com. Mark it as application for Android.